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Deradune Zone screens

It's fascinating to see more of Wildstar, one of the most anticipated MMOs of the year. Carbine Studios let us know last week that it would start revealing more of the game in the coming weeks, and today they started doing so. This new set of screenshots take us back to the Deradune Zone, home to a variety of creatures such as the malverines and moodies. Continue reading for the latest screens of the zone.

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Wildstar Exiles

Carbine Studios has finally started revealing more of Wildstar. The game has been one of the most anticipated MMOs for two years but there has been little information shared by the developer as of late. Today, Carbine's producer Jeremy Gaffney has posted a new article and revealed a ton of new stuff from environment design to levelling system and combat. Read on to find out what Gaffney believes they have done better than other MMO developers. See the all new "Meet the Exiles" trailer, as well as new concept artwork from Deradune.

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Granok in Wildstar

Ever wanted to learn more about Wildstar MMO? Thanks to the latest Wildstar Wednesday, we get to find out more of the storyline of the game. This week's article tells the War of Gnox, a planet where the Granok has lived for tens of thousands of years. One day, the Dominion arrives and asks the Granok to join them as servants. The Granok had other plans...

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