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Wildstar Telegraphs in Combat

From the day we first heard about Carbine Studios' new MMO project, we knew it was going to be a unique game. When they first announced the title Wildstar and released the debut video, it looked great and it looked unique. Today, Carbine published this new video that showcases one of the unique features of the game in terms of combat; The Telegraphs. Telegraphs are red regions you will see in Wildstar during PvE and PvP combat. Read on to see how Telegraphs works in the new video.

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What makes Wildstar a unique MMO

Wildstar is one of the few MMOs we have seen this year that seems to have the potential to please us. Carbine Studios executive producer Jeremy Gaffney took the time to answer fan questions over at Reddit's "Ask me Anything" session. In the QA, he talked about what makes Wildstar a unique game and gave examples of what other MMOs he finds unique. Read on for details.

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Wildstar to support user created add-ons

We have not heard much from Wildstar developers lately but they have their regular Wildstar Wednesday event if you are interested in hearing from Carbine Studios and Wildstar's development. The latest session revealed Carbine's plans for user created Add-ons for the upcoming MMO.

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