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What is Wildstar?

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DevilsMMO readers wouldn't ask such a question but as an effort to educate the casual crowd, Carbine Studios has released this new and hilarious Wildstar trailer before they launch the highly anticipated MMO. As the game takes place on the most legendary planet Nexus habitated by Exiles and the Dominion as well as numerous aliens and other species. See it all in this short but super funny Wildstar trailer. Find even more on Wildstar.

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Draken Hunter Khuvor from Wildstar

Carbine continues to tease us with Wildstar characters in fashion. They don't just post screenshots or videos but they interview the characters themselves.This time, they have revealed Khuvor a character of Draken race. Khuvor, being a Draken Hunter, he is one bad tempered fellow. Well, before we turn into a prey like the original reporter, I am leaving it up to you to read on and find out more, or just leave it at this. 

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Wildstar Dominion Screenshots

It looks like Carbine is going to make you all Wildstar fans, unless you're already one. The studio had announced that it would be revealing more on this unique MMORPG as the Beta stage is nearing day by day. Today, they have revealed even more than they did yesterday. Let's take a look at some stunning artwork, screenshots of Draken, Mechari and Stalker races inside the Dominion faction as well as another video for the Stalker class. 

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