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Dust 514's Winter Events Kick Off

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Dust 514 winter eventsCCP's got some attractive winter events for fans of Dust 514, the free to play MMOFPS. If you don't mind piling up some extra ammo for a battle or two throughout New Eden, you're in for great rewards including rare items and ISK boosts. Today, the first of a series of events has launched. The first event is called the Developer Invasion when you get the chance to take on CCP developers in the game (and not on message boards for a change). Check out your "Other Contract" matches for a challenge against developers of the game. Read on for all the other details.


DUST 514: Winter's getting hot already

It's never cold in New Eden when you get the chance to take on actual game developers in a battle. We're talking about the Winter Events that's just launched in Dust514. The free MMOFPS from CCP Games has three main events between December 16-January5.

First one is the Developer Invasion and I bet you've already guessed what it is. It's quite a fantasy for a gamer to get the chance to play against the developer(s) of the game. The idea of beating someone in his own game is second to none and that's coming true in Dust514 this Winter. Group up for "Other Contract" Events and you may get the chance to face 4-6 CCP developers. The rewards are Double SP and Double ISK. 

2nd event is Weapon Trials: Rifle Roundup. This one starts December 18 and it will be a 7 day event where players gear up with standard level of a Combat Rifle or a Rail Rifle in matches during the event. Every 10 kill you score, you'll get a Prototype Rifle of the same type of weapon. There are the likes of AUR Prototype Rail. This is a fantastic chance if you are serious about your arsenal.

And the third main event is perhaps the easiest one. All you have to do is to log in and win a single match each day during the event. CCP will be revealing a new secret item and you will be receiving new Dust 514 items such as unique dropsuits and powerful weapons. 

Perfect time to start playing Dust514

75% discount on the Dust 514 Tactical Edition is also another great opportunity if you have been thinking about playing the game. With a price drop from $19.99 to $4.99, this special sale lasts until January 4, 2014. 

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