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Dust 514

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Dust 514 winter events

CCP's got some attractive winter events for fans of Dust 514, the free to play MMOFPS. If you don't mind piling up some extra ammo for a battle or two throughout New Eden, you're in for great rewards including rare items and ISK boosts. Today, the first of a series of events has launched. The first event is called the Developer Invasion when you get the chance to take on CCP developers in the game (and not on message boards for a change). Check out your "Other Contract" matches for a challenge against developers of the game. Read on for all the other details.

Dust 514 - Fight Your Own War

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CCP Games has just released a brand new trailer for Dust 514. They say Dust 514 is the most rewarding and most advanced shooter. To be honest, you can't blame them. Dust 514 is really a unique game. Dust 514 is the first shooter MMO that is connected to another MMO game, which is Eve Online the Sci-Fi MMO from CCP that has been online for a decade and that has surpassed 1 million subscribers as of May 2013. Dust 514's new trailer focuses on the difference of war that takes place in this revolutionary MMO game. It's time for your own War, it's time for Dust 514! ( That's their words, not ours.) Enjoy the video and check out our Dust 514 page for more on the shooter. 

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  in Dust 514, News
Dust 514 update incoming

Dust 514 and Eve Online has been hosting a planetary conquest for only a little while but it's already time for updates as this sophisticated and complex feature needs special attention from the developers. That's for sure. Today, we're going to check out the latest developer blog post by CCP that discusses the upcoming changes to Dust 514 gameplay. Read on for the details.

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