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A Realm Reborn Reaction Largely Positive

in Final Fantasy 14, News

With the NDA now largely lifted on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, more and more sites are posting their impressions. After the mess that was Final Fantasy XIV's original release, fans of the franchise and of MMOs in general will be happy to know that reaction has largely been positive, with many people excited for the open beta and for the game's full release. And it only took several years and remaking the game from scratch!

Our preview of the game was more optimistic than positive. It has a lot of potential, but hardcore MMO fans may feel they've seen a lot of what is on offer before. The graphics, naturally, are fantastic and the music is up there as well, but a few drawn out cutscenes and fairly standard quests may make this a "worth a look" rather than a "must-play."

Other sites are a little more sure of Square Enix's second attempt, with the likes of GameInformer saying that their time spent with the game was far more positive than they'd expected. Fans are equally excitied, both on the Square Enix beta forums and on comment sections around the web.

The most interesting things out of all of this, I suppose, is that Square have managed to turn public opinion around. At great cost to themselves and with a little time and effort, they've managed to recapture the attention of people who had written them off. With a PlayStation 4 launch around the corner, and a cross-platform component that will keep each server filled to the brim, it's hard to imagine that A Realm Reborn will be anything other than a success at this point.

Square also revealed this weekend that 1.5 million people were allowed into the third phase beta. Aside from a little lag early in the day and some problems getting the game actually downloading on PS3, the experience was smooth and problem-free, another good sign for the latest Final Fantasy MMO.

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