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03. January, 2013Tags: Gaming Hardware, Guild Wars 2, MMO Blog, Tips

Improve Guild Wars 2 frame rateGuild Wars 2 is a fantastic game. Offering beautiful graphics and a rich, detailed world, there wasn’t another MMORPG released in 2012 that can touch it in regards to sheer value. If I absolutely had to complain about something though, it’d have to be the frame rate and lag. There are times when the game almost comes to a stop, and in modern gaming and on modern hardware, that shouldn’t ever be an issue. Today we take a very quick look at the best ways to optimize your Guild Wars 2 experience, how to improve the frame rate and reduce lag caused by the PC hardware (andyou’re your connection) while making it look as shiny as it should.

18. December, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, PlanetSide 2, Tips

Planetside 2 Tips for BeginnersPlanetside 2 has been properly out for a couple of weeks now and anybody who has played it for that long is going to have at least picked up the basics. Let me tell you from experience: being a newbie and being surrounded by talented pro-like shooters is massively overwhelming and not very fun. How can you improve your game and avoid that horrible negative K/D ratio? Below we’ve compiled a few tips and hints for Planetside 2 in the hopes of helping you “get good at Planetside 2". Naturally no amount of hints will replace good old fashioned practise and hard work. Instead, you should use the below to gently fix problems you might be having and hopefully the positive K/D will come with time.

07. October, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, Tips, World of Tanks

Object 263 Review and Tips

This is the beginning of a new series at With this article, we begin our World of Tanks tips and tank reviews. Every weekend, we will be reviewing one of the most powerful and iconic tanks in World of Tanks and will give you tips and strategies. This week, we begin with an exclusive review of the Object 263, one of the most powerful tank destroyers in the game. Continue reading and find out all about the Object 263.

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