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  in Defiance, News

The guys at Trion have started a new Defiance competition. You'll be in with a chance of having your character appear in the second season of the TV series. It won't be as easy as retweeting or sharing and liking a post either. If you want your character to become part of the Defiance canon, you're going to have to work for it.

And what work it'll be. You'll have to be one of the best players in the entire game. Think that label applies to you?

  in Guild Wars 2, News

After a member of the Guild Wars 2 team expressly said they wouldn't ever be building expansions, and a bunch of people got upset, another developer has taken to the forums to "clarify" (backtrack, or just flat out confuse the situation). There might be expansions for Guild Wars 2 in the future. Or there might not.

They're not sure. In fact, they're so not sure they have nothing to say at this time. Except what they'd already said. Which wasn't true.

Confused? This is just run-of-the-mill PR.

  in Gloria Victis, News
gloria victis pre-alpha

It's been a while since we had heard of the upcoming MMORPG from Black Eye Games. The eyecatching MMORPG is going to offer a new way of combat thanks to its non-target combat system and the realistic physics engine, also applied on the weapons in game. The MMORPG had failed to deliver on Kickstarter but had support from Plymouth University at a later stage. Today, the developer revealed a new gameplay footage revealing more from the game's current state. Continue reading to see this new gameplay video.

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