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  in News, World of Tanks
world of tanks on x360

Wargaming has had incredible success with its first combat MMO game World of Tanks. Remembering the first time we played the game, we would have never expected a consolve version of the game. We had even questioned the MMO elements of the tank game. Today, Wargaming announced the release of the game's X360 version, taking a huge step forward for the company. We don't know if the Russian developer will focus on console gaming in the future but today is your chance as an XBOX fan to test one of the most remarkable MMOs of the decade.

  in News, PlanetSide 2

Planetside 2 developers created World Domination Preseason 2 based on user feedback and the experience from the first one. The second WDS started last Friday. There are new rules, new rewards and new scoring. So if you have not got involved yet, take the time and watch this funny WDS trailer and make sure you get all the details before you join in. 

  in Dust 514, News
Dust 514 winter events

CCP's got some attractive winter events for fans of Dust 514, the free to play MMOFPS. If you don't mind piling up some extra ammo for a battle or two throughout New Eden, you're in for great rewards including rare items and ISK boosts. Today, the first of a series of events has launched. The first event is called the Developer Invasion when you get the chance to take on CCP developers in the game (and not on message boards for a change). Check out your "Other Contract" matches for a challenge against developers of the game. Read on for all the other details.

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