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PlanetSide 2

04. September, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, MMO Preview, PlanetSide 2

Planetside 2 Gameplay Impressions PAX 2012We’re looking to have 2,000 people on a server. In a single map.” Those are some of the first words from Executive Producer Josh Hackney the minute I sit down at a Planetside 2 console for a preview during PAX Prime. A bold and daunting claim, especially for an MMOFPS that is still in a very tightly closed beta, but one that should be opening up within the next few months. Then again, based on scale alone, having 2,000 players in one persistent game doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

Planetside 2 - Take the Power Trailer

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Planetside 2 latest trailer is absolutely amazing. The beta is on as we wrote about it earlier but if you haven't seen this trailer yet, you will definitely be watching this for the next 4 minutes. No, the video is only about 1.20 but I bet you'll be watching this at least three times. SOE calls it the most Massive Online Battle of All Time and this trailer shows exactly why it is indeed! Find more on Planetside 2>>

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced a Veteran Video Contest for Planetside 2. In this video contest, SOE calls out for veteran Planetside players to record themselves on video and talk about their most memorable moment in Planetside. Three winners of the video contest will win a free pass to SOE Live in Vegas and they will also be showcased on the Planetside 2 Youtube channel.

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