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PlanetSide 2

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Harasser Buggy in Planetside 2

The competition is massive in Planetside 2. The game allows thousands on the same map and it's a matter of milliseconds before someone spots you in the open. Vehicles are great for transportation and occasionally for eluding enemies. Today's reveal of the new vehicle "Harasser Buggy" does more than that. Continue for the screen-shots and the first trailer of Harasser Buggy.

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Forgelight engine

If you have a powerful PC, Planetside 2 will look amazing to you with complex lighting effects, object shadows, cloud shadows and very high details. If you don't, it still plays at a decent frame rate. The day night cycle rendered in real time while thousands of players connected to the same server, battle on the same battlefield. Forgelight engine is behind all these effects and smooth gameplay. Listen to Planetside 2 developers and find out how Forgelight works. 

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PhysX demo for Planetside 2

Planetside 2 hosts massive battles and massive battles mean; massive explosions and massive destruction. Nvidia's PhysX is not something I have cared too much about but it's always a visual treat to watch PhysX enabled gameplay videos. Planetside 2 is one of the few MMO shooters that is capable of PhysX powered animations. Read on to see how PhysX can change the explosion effects in Planetside 2.

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