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PlanetSide 2

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Planetside 2 developers created World Domination Preseason 2 based on user feedback and the experience from the first one. The second WDS started last Friday. There are new rules, new rewards and new scoring. So if you have not got involved yet, take the time and watch this funny WDS trailer and make sure you get all the details before you join in. 

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nexus battle island - planetside 2

If you like shooter games and MMOs, there is no excuse to justify why/how you have not played Planetside 2. It's perhaps the only MMO shooter that deserves the "Massively" title. With thousands of enemies on a single and giant map is what Planetside 2 is able to deliver. Today we want to show you fans of the shooter games, the latest screen-shots of this remarkable example of the genre and give you another reason to play the game. Today's we have trailer and screenshots for the all new Nexus Battle Island: the 48-on-48 competitive map.

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Sony have announced that they'll be bringing MMOFPS Planetside 2 and MMORPG DC Universe Online to PlayStation 4 when it launches at the end of the year. Both games have been critically acclaimed on PC, and DC Universe Online was popular on PlayStation 3, so this announcement is of little surprise to those who watch the industry, but it's a welcome addition to the PlayStation 4 catalogue regardless. Both free-to-play, this will mean that anybody who buys a PS4 will technically own at least two games already, and that's not counting what's coming to PlayStation Plus.

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