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PlanetSide 2

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Amerish screenshots

Planetside 2 fans, we have got fantastic new screenshots for the upcoming shooter. These new screenshots once again showcase the Amerish continent that was revealed in a previous trailer. The continent that is known for its lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes. Amerish may all be beautiful but enjoy these screenshots now before you find yourself fighting to survive on it. 

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Amerish continent

Planetside 2 fans, you probably know about the recent broadcasts on Twitch TV by Planetside 2 developers. Today they revealed one of the continents in Planetside 2: The Amerish. Amerish is one of the large continents in the game. See the new video that showcases Amerish with a beautiful sunset in the background. That's not all, we have great artwork too.

Planetside 2: See Esamir in New Trailer

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Sony Online Entertainment released a new video for its upcoming shooter game Planetside 2. The new video showcases the newest continent Esamir which will be revealed on Auraxis in the PlanetSide universe. For more information on Planetside 2, see our Planetside 2 Impressions Review from E3.

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