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PlanetSide 2

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Planetside 2 lightning tanks

SOE has released new screen-shots and artwork for its upcoming visceral and competitive MMOFPS game "Planetside 2". New screenshots show the Nanite Systems' new vehicle Lightning Tanks, the light-weight 75mm tanks. Continue reading for screen-shots.

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The Infiltrator

Planetside 2's stealth soldier the Infiltrator is what we are going to introduce to you today. The Infiltrator was born following the completion of Nanite Systems' steal technology in 29th century. Infiltrator's enhanced armor and active camouflage makes him a special asset for Nanite Systems.

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Planetside 2

Dynamic weather, dynamic environment... We are all familar with these terms in games however what we are going to see in the upcoming MMOFPS Planetside 2 promises to be a completely different experience according to Planetside 2's creative director Matt Higby.

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