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PlanetSide 2

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Planetside 2

OK, so the massive MMOFPS that everyone has been waiting for has launched. We're talking about Planetside 2, what else! The game had impressed fans of the genre since the day it was announced. However the launch with all the server related issues, not like we don't see that happen in other MMOs, was far from impressive in the eyes of the game's fans. Good news is that Planetside 2 developers have been hard at work fixing most of the bugs. With the upcoming patch next week, 95% of the crashes will be eliminated. Continue reading for what SOE's CEO had to say last night.

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Planetside 2 Infiltrator

If you tried to play Planetside 2 on launch week, it probably isn't your favorite game for the next, two seconds. That's changing right now. SOE has just announced that they are having a Double Experience weekend to compensate for the server issues they have put players through. Continue reading for the latest on Planetside 2 along with our first look review.

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Planetside 2 sunrise battle

Hacking tools, aimbots and all sorts of exploiting tools are commonly used by a group of players in many MMOs. Sometimes they get away with it and all the damage is done to those who play fair and square. Last night we have been following SOE's CEO John Smedley's tweets and it looks like him and the developers of the Planetside 2 are all out hunting those who play dirty. Continue reading for some of Smedley's tweets.

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