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Firefall gameplay videos, walkthrough, latest news and Beta information about the open world shooter from Red 5 Studios.
28. June, 2013Tags: Firefall, MMO Blog

Mark Kern - head of the team behind Firefall - today asked whether MMOs have become too easy. It's a fair question, but it requires a little bit of thought. Kern's answer was "yes, unless you're playing Firefall," although to truly make that statement you need to judge how easy is too easy.

At what point does ease of play stop being a necessary entry tactic and start becoming extreme? On today's Devil's Daily, we look for the answer.

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Firefall developer, Mark Kern

Mark Kern is the head of the team that's building Firefall, but long before that he worked at Blizzard and helped develop the World of Warcraft. In a guest post at, he spoke at length about whether or not MMOs had become too easy, blaming a casualness that's designed to bring users in rather than entertain the core crowd.

And who does he blame for this turnaround in the MMO genre? Why, World of Warcraft, of course.

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Firefall locust

Just the time we get a little more time in Firefall, Red 5 has announced the first story based mission: "Blackwater Anomaly". As Firefall's Closed Beta is coming to an end, to launch the Open Beta on July 9th, Red 5 Studios developers started to brings new content for the owners of Founder's Pack. If you have purchased a Founder's Pack, starting this Thursday, you will have access to this first story based mission as well as the new PvP e-sports game type "Jetball". Read on for details and the new Firefall teaser trailer.

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